Signs of Summer

Signs of Summer

Isn’t it nice when Spring starts to finally warm up and signs of summer begin?  I love summer time.  For us, it’s our favorite time of the year.

Especially here in Maine!  The snow is gone, the rivers have stopped raging, the flowers are blooming minus most of the allergies.  Hiking trails have opened up.  The waters have finally warmed to an above-the-groin level of comfortable.

This is the time of year we covet.  We can hike, bike, kayak, picnic, geocache, road trip and some days just sit on the porch swing sipping coffee and listening to the birds sing.

We even enjoy the rain occasionally, while we sit under our porch roof and watch the dripping rains water the lawn and fill the river bed.  I’m so excited that I decided to share a few pictures with you of the signs of summer we’ve been seeing here.

We got chickens and they are old enough to be in their coup without a heat lamp.

Baby Turtles are also making their way across our lawn and to the river.

Boaters are boating again. Our fishing licenses have been purchased and we’re enjoying beautiful sunsets again.

And our dogs are happy to spend some outdoor time frolicking.

Yep, signs of summer! Maybe we’ll see you out? Please follow us this summer. Who knows we may see you on our trails.

See you soon, we hope!


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