Learning to live with contentment.

Learning to live with contentment.

Do you often wish you had a different job?  Made more money?  Had a different home?  Different car?  Different family?  Different life?  How do you learn to live content in your current circumstance?

Proverbs 27:7 reads One who is full loathes honey from the comb, but to the hungry even what is bitter tastes sweet.

I remember my daughter telling me a story about someone making a comment to her about how they were struggling with their dad and his addiction.  She said the friend told her, “I sometimes wish he would die, things would be so much easier.”  That may seem like a harsh statement for someone to make but understand when you’re a child dealing with a parent in the throes of addiction, sometimes death seems the only rational ending for a suffering family.

However, my daughter saw things differently.  You see, she did have a parent die.  She replied to her friend, “At least you have a father to wish was dead.”  Her point was that sometimes what we think would be a better solution, is actually a worse case scenario, but we’re too caught up in our own pain and suffering to see it.

When we are full (of ourselves) like in proverbs 27:7 we loath the things that were meant to bring us joy.  When you start to look at your circumstance with a different perspective, a thankful perspective, you see things differently.

I have a tiny piece of paper taped to my mirror in my closet.  The tiny piece of paper was from a fortune cookie.  It reads, ” When you learn to see things differently, the things you see will change.”

Try seeing things differently if you’re hoping for a change.


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